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How long before i see results?

Seeing the results that you want are very important. Therapy results will be different depending on the severity of your needs and your dedication to therapy. Expect to continue counseling for 2 to 3 months before you see any noticeable changes.

Will you tell me everything that my child talks to you about in therapy?

Therapy is personal time between the client and therapist. Therapist have a mandated responsibility to report abuse and circumstances of immediate danger. Unless details disclosed in therapy fall under imminent danger or legal mandated laws, the session will remain confidential unless permission is released by the client.

I am mandated to attend therapy by court, employer, or another entity. Will you release my treatment to them?

Details of therapy will not be disclosed to any third party groups unless a signed release of information is completed to release information. Court orders and subpoenas will be addressed privately as needed.

What Methods of Payment do you accept?

Cash and credit/ debit cards.

I have insurance, but you are not currently accepting my insurance provider. How can i RECEIVE services?

Fortunately, many healthcare insurance plans offer out of network benefits. If your plan has this benefit, therapy services can be billed to your healthcare plan for reimbursement.

Do you make house calls/ in home appointments?

No, DLJ does not schedule appointments in home. All services are provided in office, with the exception of tele therapy services.

What is tele-therapy? DO you offer it?

Tele-therapy is an method in which therapy can be facilitated by video conferencing. The conference is scheduled like any other office appointment, however it is completely held online through a secure HIPPA compliant web portal.

Yes, DLJ offers tele-therapy services. However, this service is only offered to qualifying established clients.

Do you attend court proceedings?

Yes. Due to the time and preparation to attend court, additional fees apply.